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Will Mugabe Sink His Teeth in for the Last Time?

Corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe has now sealed victory for good in his latest ‘election’ after his main opponent, Morgan Tsvangira, withdrew a legal challenge to the result. He brought forth fraud allegations but withdrew because he doubted any court case would be fair, which is just another testament to the corruption of the regime. Though, thankfully for the sake of Zimbabwe and it’s neighbours, this could be the aging tyrants last dance.

Of course, he won with a landslide victory. After all, who wouldn’t vote for this people loving, honest and infallible human being? Well no one because he possess none of those traits, I even doubt he is a human being, or at least has the conscience of one. Some people may have actually voted for him but most likely they were crippled with fear or blinded with propaganda. But back to my point, this landslide victory is a textbook give away that the election was rig. Outside observers claiming that the election was fixed also give it away somewhat.

Even if this is the 89 year old despot’s last term, which hopefully it will be, then what will be left of the ravaged corpse of Zimbabwe? What would be left of a country that has been ravaged by 33 years of his personal dictatorship and all the horrors that inevitably ensue such totalitarian rules? Many observers commented prior to the election that Mugabe could run the country into the ground. Even if he does retire, what’s to say the vacuum of power won’t be filled by another cruel despot? At least if Mugabe doesn’t run again, then the people of his tattered country have a glimmer of hope that they can began on their long road to recovery.


About Dean Forrester

Dean Forrester is the Editor-in-Chief of The International Citizen. An International Politics graduate from King's College London, with an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism, he is interested in international affairs and development.
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