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Have something to say? Say it. The International Citizen aims letting you do just that and reach a much wider audience. This can cover opinion pieces, features and news reports. We want you to participate and get a voice.

Feel free to disagree. If you are roused by any particular article or issue, you can email us with a rebuttal. With this, you can counter any arguments make clear your ideas and thoughts on the issue. This can be published with or without your name, you should just be prepared for a counter argument! We love nothing more than a good debate here so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

If this interests you then email

You’re article may be subject to editing prior to to publishing.

But if this isn’t enough, and you are itching to become a regular contributor then apply to become a permanent member of the team. We are looking for:

- You are passionate about a certain topic we write about here on The IC.

- You are competent and articulate in expressing your views.

- You can offer a unique perspective or incite into certain issues.

If you tick all these boxes then email this address with the subject title ‘Application’ stating why you feel you should join and attach a 500 word article on any IC related topic that strongly interests you. We should get back to you shortly, and you could be the newest edition to the team.

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