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About Us

With writers from around the world and grassroots structure, the IC aims to give global news a global perspective.

If you have a close firsthand experience or just want to express an opinion then participate in this citizens journalism by getting in touch. We hope to build the most accurate and truthful picture on significant developments across the world so don’t hesitate to join us. For any queries or submissions email –

  • Dean Forrester

    Dean Forrester is the Editor-in-Chief of The International Citizen. An International Politics graduate from King's College London, with an NCTJ Diploma in Journalism, he is interested in international affairs and development.
  • Cameron Rogers

    Cameron Rogers is Head of the Asian Affairs Desk at the International Citizen. He is studying International Politics at Kings College London, and will spend time studying at Keio University, Yonsei University and the University of Hong Kong in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong respectively.
  • Gianni Sarra

    Gianni Sarra is the American Affairs contributor to The International Citizen, focusing on US politics and policy. He studies Politics of the International Economy at King's College London.
  • Guest

    All our best guest submissions are published with this page. If you would like to respond to an article or write your own, go to the 'Write for Us' page
  • Confluence Journal

    Located in Vancouver, Canada, Confluence is the journal of the International Studies Student Association (ISSA) of The School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University. It represents undergraduate students from three streams of study: Security Studies, Cultural Studies, and Economic and Environmental Development.
  • Antoine Weir

    Based in Strasbourg, Antoine Weir is the European Affairs contributor for the International Citizen.
  • Daniel Ahmed

    Daniel Ahmed is the Finance contributor to The International Citizen, focusing mainly upon global financial affairs and economics. He currently studies Political Economy at King's College London.
  • Banyubening Prieta

    Banyubening Prieta is an Asian Affairs contributor for The International Citizen. She is a feature-desk intern for the Jakarta Post and studies International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Indonesia.
  • Josh

    Josh Williams is the administrator and tech guy for the IC.
  • Joao Becker

    Joao Becker is the Co-Founder of The International Citizen. With passion in International Affairs and Economics, he studies International Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada

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